Were is Larry ~ WB2ZPI 


What is APRS ?


Automated Position Reporting System


 In short, it is a system using Amateur Radio and GPS Global  Positioning System to locate people, cars, boats anywhere on earth by putting a report of there location on the internet.


Below are the links to the maps for my APRS travels.




Above for local.
Above for for outside Florida and overseas.





APRS Frequencies world wide

( This is just technical information I use when traveling.)


                                         North America  144.39 Mh Voice Alert 100.00 Hz CTCSS
                                         Europe  144.800 Mh
                                         Australia  145.175 Mh Voice Alert 91.5 Hz CTCSS
                                         New Zealand  144.575 Mh
                                        Argentina  144.930 Mh
                                        Japan 144.640 Mh

         Control the Sound