A Brief History

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I have been photographing cross the spectrum for 51 years. Iíve covered the span from the tumultuous 60s with its riots, love-ins, anti-war protests and grainy film to the 90s technical  revolution and the age of electronic images and digital manipulation. Iíve covered events sometimes awesome, sometimes sad, oftentimes wildÖ.President Kennedy 3 days before he was assassinated; the arrival of the Beatles in the U.S.; the first visit to America by a Pope; the Harlem New York riots.

In 1981, as a guest of the Xinhau News Agency, my wife, Carol, and I were two of the early journalists to travel through China from the northern oil fields of Manchuria to the border crossing at Hong Kong witnessing firsthand the historic changes taking place after the death of Mao. That visit changed my life. Those who traveled in China during that period know what I mean.

For several years the focus of my photography has been in the medical, health care and law enforcement fields creating images for publications worldwide as well as my own stock collection. In addition, my wife and I have always been nagged by the urge to travel, resulting in a large and varied photo collection. We recently returned from Asia where I shot digital exclusively. The digital camera has made my work a lot more fun as well as more productive and creative.

I have also followed a life-long interest in electronics and radio communication. As a contract cover photographer for CQ Communications, publisher of CQ and Popular Communications magazines, I have photographed about 610 magazine and book covers