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and Still Camera




DIY  Ring Flash made for about $5.00:   DIY = Do It Yourself

See details at web site below

                                MAG MY PIC

                                                            Put yours or some one else's picture on a magazine cover, click below. 





  Digital Camera Eye-Fi:     

Add Wi-Fi internet connection to your camera.        

Story in PC Magazine:,2704,2228123,00.asp


Wireless Shutter Release:

For Canon Camera:

For Nikon Camera:

This is a great site. To quote them-- "Well, it turns out there's a 

whole world of things you can do with your photos and with your camera that 

nobody ever told you about. We find the most kick-ass photo tips, DIY 

projects, and gear and bring them to you. "

Lenticular Images:

Photo Fabric: Alma Sue's Quilts 3667 Bahia Vista St, Sarasota, FL. 941 330-0993 (Handcock Fabrics has closed)
Mosaic: Freeware, check out web site.    

Anamorph Photography: Free, Check out web site.  


Large Prints: EL-CO Color Labs,  Go to internet specials.  Then to Poster Special   

Infrared Camera conversions Info: or

GPS Info or as it's called .. GeoTagging:

GeoTagging FYI from Nikonian

Blue2Can for Nikon D Cameras below.  


BT-359 Bluetooth GPS navigation receiver by Globalsat Technologies.

                        Available at 




Maps: Here you will click on USERS, then find my name

Larry Mulvehill.  Click on it, it will show you the pictures I have on this site, when

you get the picture  up click on location of photo, it will show you were it was taken. 

Or you can go directly to at....


MY Home Page:       941 927-2792