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Shooting Infrared on digital Cameras

I Have converted my Nikon D1x to dedicated Infrared .

See below

   Before I use a Kodak Wratten No. 87 filter over the lens. This can be ordered from B and H photo in New York. Its a very dark red filter and you wont see any light through it.

   Set the camera on ISO 200 in B&W mode. (It can be shot in color but it will come out in red.) Use a tripod since the  starting exposure will be  F8 at 5 seconds. If your camera has an infrared mark, line up your  focus with the mark.

    To test to see if your camera can see infrared (some cameras have a filter to remove infrared) take a picture of your television remote the end that points toward the TV to change the channels and press any button holding it down as you take a photo. Do this in a semi-darkened room. If the camera  sees infrared, the photo will show a picture of a red light. The Wratten No. 87 filter is not used during this test.


For conversion of digital cameras go to ......  or you can do it your self if you are skilled, Life PixeL will show you how.


Web site for creating infrared on 990:


In above word "Nikon" the N is in upper case.


Good Luck..Have fun.

Larry Mulvehill