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Peoples Republic of China Beijing bicycles father and child people exercising tai chi busses airplanes work Peiking duck Xinhua News Agency street scenes Beijing Hotel Forbidden City children Young Pioneers chef couple on bench Coal Hill pollution Xian statues young girl Catholic mass at Beijing Cathedral Xuan Wugate Church street scene Beijing at night exterior of Catholic Church Father Anthony Lui Beijing Hotel interior crowded street on Sunday afternoon shoppers selling ice cream soldiers western clothes toy store photo studio pregnant woman street sweepers couples Chinese department store public newspaper bulletin boards street vendors TV sets in window monk at Buddhist temple jogger child on dragon at Buddhist temple girl with grandfather Temple of Heaven bicycles Beijing University statue of Mao English class new apartment buildings sports stadium fan magazines Chinese family shoe repair man parking breakfast restaurant food store meats fish vegetables traffic director in street badminton Echo Wall People's Daily type setters editors woman editor newsprint presses        press room Chinese checkers home for the aged Marco Polo Bridge commune kindergarten Mongolian Barbecue restaurant privately owned restaurant Beijing biology lab old lady washing dishes Tiananmen Square banquet hall Great Hall of the People interior people strolling at North Sea orange soda stand kite flying Tiananmen Square Ming Tombs interior exterior Avenue of the Animals The Great Wall woman breast feeding baby twins at Great Wall graffiti Summer Palace Marble Boat newly restored art work peasants working the fields Beijing subway Radio Beijing studios people fishing farming Mao camera store window flag of PRC old Peking at night neon lights Harbin children drying grain in street Stalin Park Home Guard coca cola bottles construction   Manchuria Harbin airport countryside Daqing hotel train interior railroad stations technical center oil fields farmers digging foundations new housing oil field workers sunset tractors and carts van driver wax factory refinery green houses oil rig at exterior of oil fields horse drawn cart on oil rig faces of oil workers fertilizer factory power line construction hospital interior woman cooking teenage girl dentist woman ditch digger remaking clothes interior of store newborns at Daijing hospital nursery school model family dining car on train Chenyang girl train conductor chef in train kitchen stream trains police Changchun Fushun mud streets open pit coal mine sleeping berth on train miners dining hall in coal mine miners in shower chef at coal mine cafeteria Shenyang streets Mao statue in Shenyang with pink umbrella girl snow train station at Shenyang people riding bicycles in snow rolling steel mills Anshan snowcaps railroad crossing pouring steel at Anshan Iron and Steel complex mill foreman little boy working shoe factory shell factory free market with people and produce people's faces Saddle Mountain mineral baths trolley cars Thousand Mountain Daoist Temple crowd scene Buddhist Temple Buddhist Monk Manchu Tombs close-up of children bicyclists at steel complex Catholic Bishop Catholic Church old woman bound feet lathe plant children eating child in oversized coat interior exterior Catholic church chef in kitchen food on table food on display factory worker feather art factory Shenyang at sunset with pollution interior domestic airplane stewardesses passengers railroad yards in Beijing Nanjing bridge statue truck with meat train on trestle Yangtze River at Nanjing sampans beauty products billboard Doctor Sun Yat Sen Memorial independent vendors on street window display of bicycles soldier and son crossing guard girl duck vendor truck ambulance movie house tea and beer vendor bicycle repair shop East Is Red Middle School radio class astronomy class playing checkers girl's gym class boys physical education students teaching with TV pedicab drivers interior of stores school students calligraphy display Nanjing radio factory Panda radios roller skaters boys hugging children's playground boat on lake television manufacturing satellite chicken farm water buffalo peasant field workers commune at Nanjing fishermen on path rape plant fields silhouette of two farmers Nanjing Hotel Nanjing University boys playing baby playground Buddhist ceremony Temple of Jade Buddha monks Shanghai  views Number One department store sewing machines motor bikes window displays restaurant movie star photos crowds on street general scenes at Yuyuan public park and gardens boys eating ice cream boy drinking orange soda commune at Shanghai canal and village cement boats old man with beard Shanghai Harbor Bund sailors boy with arm around girl at harbor Huangpu River magazine salesman woodworkers Young Pioneers dumpling makers couples painter harbor traffic bamboo scaffolding duck farm TV antenna laundry on poles people in Old Shanghai grave on commune peasants harvesting  vegetables people taking photographs on board ferry Huangpu River merchant ships streets and stores food in meat store Shanghai Cathedral bakery shop dumpling restaurant boy looking in toy store rainy street scene flour mill worker Chinese military ships variety show on ferry mouth of Yangtze River homemade couch for sale street vendors Hangzhou Ling Yin Buddhist Temple people on temple grounds railroad to Hangzhou people on tracks meat on delivery truck bicycles on street in rain tea plantation silk embroidery factory West Lake Hangzhou multitude of people on bridge at West Lake Dragon Well tea peasants Lotus Root jelly Buddhist Temple Hangzhou lady selling baskets young people playing by stream photo stand cabbage cart teenagers two young men with black umbrellas West Lake couples and pink blossoms spring scenes in garden rice paddies woman carrying night soil early morning scenes West Lake Autumn Moon pavilion teenagers with flowers young couple with baby in front of house children and old woman at Dragon Well railroad station soldiers on bicycles People's Republic of China soldiers on Great Wall Liu He Pagoda Qian Tang River at Hangzhou activities  at West Lake people on island at West Lake train crossing trestle at Qian Tang River  group having photograph taken father and daughter on bicycle carrying flowers private farming plot young boy doorway of home chicken with chicks flower blossoms at West Lake bee hives restaurant at Changsha Xiang Jiang River at Changsha people on boats water buffalo in rice paddy movie crowd theater back streets babies Protestant Church   exterior carpenter woman ditch digger birth control signs bookstore beauty parlor pharmacy both Western and oriental medicine young cadre with father Seven Star Crags resorts Canton  Friendship store Snake restaurant goldfish motorcycles sidecars school children in park Hong Kong border theater performance Beijing Song and Dance troop Liaoning Province Jiang Su Province Heilongjiang Province Guangdong Province Hunan Province Zhejiang Province Guangzhou Hong Kong Kowloon Star Ferry Victoria Peek Hong Kong harbor people of Hong Kong Portuguese Macau.
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